Welcome and First Meeting of the New Council

At the Parish Council elections on 4th May ten new Selborne Parish Councillors were elected unopposed onto the Council.

They are:

Selborne Oakhanger Ward

David Ashcroft; Seema Bennett; Charlie Bridger; Gren Earney; Howard Grosvenor

Emily Jenner; Debs Littell; Nikki O’Donnell; Matt Turner

Blackmore Edge Ward

Wendy Megeney


There are still two vacancies on the Council which will be filled by co-option at a future Council meeting.   Please contact one of the Councillors or the Parish Clerk if you are interested in joining the Council.

The first meeting of the Council, the Annual Meeting/AGM,  will be on Tuesday 23rd May at 7.30pm in Selborne Village Hall.  We look forward to seeing you there.