Selborne and Oakhanger each have a thriving Speedwatch group which is run by a team of volunteers and supported by the Police.

Volunteers work in teams of at least three to record the speed, make, model and number plate of offending vehicles. They have a varied pattern of activity that includes sessions at various times through the week, as well as occasional ‘full day’ monitoring and morning and afternoon sessions at the same time of the day throughout a full week.

Even if you are unable to sign up for a weekly session and can only do a session once every two months or help with one of our intensive sessions your help is welcome, along with anyone who is prepared to do weekend sessions.  For details of how to get involved or for further information about the scheme please contact the Clerk.

The Speedwatch teams are happy to help Blackmoor set up their own team and will allow use of the equipment if there are any volunteers wanting to start sessions there.

Please contact the Clerk for further details Contact Us