Selborne Parish Council Traffic Calming Consultation

September 2017

For the current information regarding traffic calming in the parish, please see the following documents:

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A parish-wide consultation was held in September 2016 and the results were as follows:

Selborne Traffic Consultation September 2016

Combined – all results

ProposalI like

I do not likeNo opinion

1. Selborne School726


2. Selborne High St60

3. Blackmoor School
Governors of School

4. Blackmoor junction
Governors of Schoo
5. Oakhanger centre24

6. Oakhanger Red Lion23


Total forms at events and on line

no name, null and void = 4


It should be noted that the majority of those with “no opinion”, were residents of another village within the parish who chose not to comment on proposals for a different village.

Selborne and Blackmoor schemes had very considerable resident support, whereas Oakhanger was split. As a result, it was agreed that Oakhanger traffic calming should be reconsidered.

In February 2017 the Parish Council resolved to ask HCC to progress the proposals for Selborne and Blackmoor as soon as possible.

Oakhanger traffic proposals are currently under consideration by a village group working with HCC and those proposals will come back to the parish council in due course.

September 2016

Following the report from Hamilton Baillie Associates, Selborne Parish Council has been working closely with Hampshire County Council on the next steps. As a result, HCC commissioned Atkins to give their comments on the report and any suggestions.

You have before you now the result of that commission and the Parish Council welcomes your views.

It is important to say that:

  • These schemes will not resolve all the traffic problems in the parish, but they are a good start and are the only options on the table at present
  • The proposals are not set in stone
  • The proposals are drawn up by Atkins and as such the schemes are assumed to be feasible and acceptable to HCC
  • No money has yet been identified for any of the proposals
  • Money from the Bordon development would be a key source of funding which will become available soon and we need to be ready to press for it
  • Unless Selborne Parish Council has support from the community it cannot press for any proposals to be delivered at all

Selborne Parish Council accepted the Atkins report at its meeting in July 2016.

Selborne Parish Council would like to thank all residents for their very helpful responses on the village traffic calming proposals . The time for response is now closed. Questionnaires and all the comments are now being analysed

At the Parish Council meeting of the 13 August 2014 the Council adopted the formal traffic report prepared by Hamilton-Baillie Associates. Copies of the report are available from the Clerk.

Click here to view the final traffic report in low resolution (5.2mb).

To view the Poynton Regenerated film on You Tube click here


Please see the News & Events page for details of the Hampshire Country Council Draft Freight Strategy questionnaire for Whitehill & Bordon running until the 20th December.

Selborne Parish Council commissioned Hamilton-Baillie Associates to undertake a study on the traffic in the Parish with the aim of making suggestions for improved traffic management.

The Parish Council held a meeting on 2nd July 2013 for members of the public in the Parish to hear ideas from Ben Hamilton-Baillie and voice their own concerns regarding traffic in the Parish. For details please follow the link;

Please click here for notes from the meeting held on the 2nd July.

Please click here for the August progress report on the project.

Please click here for the October progress report on the project.