Selborne CFI Phase 1

Selborne CFI PHASE 1 – first phase of CFI traffic management enhancements for Selborne Village 

The five drawings showing the Selborne CFI Phase 1 are attached below.

The plans will also be on display in Selborne Village Hall this Saturday 11th March from 11am until 4pm.  The Parish Council will then consider approval of the Selborne CFI Phase 1 at the meeting on Wednesday 15th March at 8.15pm in Selborne Village Hall.

Selborne CFI Phase 1  is the first of several phases of traffic calming in Selborne village which are currently under development using the Hampshire County Council Community Funded Initiative model – the CFI.

CFI enable a community group to request and fund works in association with HCC up to a value of £25,000 – N.B. there can be more than one CFI project in a village.

CFI projects are designed by HCC following discussion with a community group to identify what is needed and then the CFI design is approved and wholly funded by the community group.

To facilitate delivery of these relatively small size projects, CFI are comprised of a limited range of works e.g. village gates, signage, road lining and some other works to highways.

The Selborne CFI Phase 1 consists of new road signage, new road lining and new village gates and is funded by SDNPA Project CIL funding.  It is planned to complete the works in the 2023/2024 financial year.

Later phases of CFI are already under development and will be funded using Parish Council funds including additional Project CIL funds from the SDNPA.

It is recognised that the works will not reduce the amount of traffic in the village but they will contribute to a reduction of its impact.