FINAL UPDATE on Parish Priority Statement

Selborne Parish Council would like to thank all those residents who have submitted responses to the Parish Priority Statement Survey

More than 90 responses were received – almost 10% based on the total number of  households in the Parish.  This is a great level of feedback for a survey  – so thank you for your input on this.

Several Parish Councillors formed a Working Group (Cllrs Ashcroft, Bennett, Bridger, Earney, Heaselgrave and Megeney) to review the surveys and propose a DRAFT Parish Priority Statement.  Thankyou to these and all other Councillors for the significant amount of work done so far.  The DRAFT was reviewed in detail and approved to go forward for a second stage of public consultation at the Council meeting on Wednesday 18th October.

27/10/23 – Also attached below are the spreadsheets giving the summary of data from the original forms prepared by Councillors

27/10/23 – You can also access the original forms (with all personal data redacted) via the link here

You will need to copy and paste it into your browser.

9/11/23 – The public consultation Open Days were held on on Saturday 21st October ( Oakhanger Village Hall 11am until 4pm) and Sunday 22nd October (Selborne Village Hall 11am until 4pm).

Twenty five residents attended and ten sets of comments have been submitted to the Parish Council.

Copies of the comments can be obtained using the link here

Again, you will need to copy and paste it into your browser!


The third version of the Draft Parish Priority Statement  is the document “PPS – Draft 3A for 22nd Nov meeting”  which is attached below and will be reviewed on 22nd November.


A fourth draft of the Parish Priority Statement was detailed at the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 22nd November.  This version (PPS – Draft 4 for review at 28 Nov meeting) is attached below and was reviewed at another additional Council meeting on Tuesday 28th November.


The  final PPS (see below) was submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority  on 30th November .

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact Councillors or the Clerk –