The new Vehicle Activated Sign, VAS,  has now been up and running in different locations around the Parish for six months and attached below is a report on the findings from the analysis of the speed data collected by this device.

The speed survey data is already being used to identify “speeding hotspots”.   The VAS will be used more frequently in these locations and the Parish Council will also request increased police attention in these areas.

Please note that the VAS is designed primarily as a speed activated sign to deter speeding by displaying traffic speed to passing drivers and reminding them to keep within the speed limit.  It is very effective in this.  The VAS has a secondary use to collect speed data with a good degree of accuracy but its design and scanner configuration etc is not the same as traffic survey devices and its accuracy is not as high.

Any comparison with data from Speedwatch and Hampshire County Highways data needs to consider the different design criteria of the devices used to provide the data.