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The Red Lion, Oakhanger

EHDC received notice on 12 March 2018 that this public house is on the market.  As it is registered as an ACV, if any Community Interest Group wishes to buy it they have six weeks to register their interest.  To make a request to be treated as a potential bidder, please contact support.team@easthants.gov.uk.

The Queens, Selborne

Following the Parish Council's application to have the Queens Listed as an ACV the public house has now been listed on EHDC's list of Assets of Community Value. Please click here to see the letter.

Any Community Interest Group wishing to buy it should see the attached advertisement here

The owner of the Queens has lodged an appeal against the decision on 22 February 2018.  When a decision is received it will be displayed here. 

Budget and Precept 

Selborne Parish Council decided on 17 January 2018 to increase its precept (the Parish Council’s share of the Council Tax) by £18,098 for the financial year beginning 1 April 2018.
 It will mean that a Band D household will pay approximately £1.49 per week to finance the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is responsible for providing a range of services and facilities in the Parish. During the period of austerity, it has been prudent with public money using some of its reserves rather than ask for an increase in the precept. Now that the Community Support Grant has been withdrawn and both the District Council and the County Council are putting some of their responsibilities on the shoulders of Parish Councils, there is no option but to increase the precept to cover these costs.

The Parish Council is urgently pursuing the agreed solution for traffic calming in the village, safeguarding the area around the School and the village centre in particular especially given the potential increase in volumes due to major developments in the towns to the north, south and east of the Parish.

The Parish Council is obliged to have regular tree surveys to keep the public safe, and any recommendations have to be carried out; this year’s survey and work cost £3,790.

New legislation is coming along in respect of Data Protection and Transparency Codes with which the Parish Council must comply and which will require all councillors to have extra training.

The Parish Council has responsibility for two recreation grounds. It also provides grants for a number of projects in the Parish: it is anticipated that Oakhanger Village Hall may need an extension and the tennis court in Selborne needs resurfacing.

The Parish Council’s computer, its hardware, software, accounts package and mobile phone need replacing and a mobile PA system is under consideration to enable everyone better to hear what is said at meetings.

Electoral Review of East Hampshire

A review of the electoral boundaries of East Hampshire is being conducted by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England and you can have your say by e-mail to: reviews@lgbce.org.uk or Twitter @LGBCE or post to: The Review Officer (East Hampshire), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 14th Floor, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP.  The consultation period closes on 11 December 2017. Please click here /Selborne-Pc/UserFiles/Files/Selborne Electoral Review001.jpg

Traffic Working Group

 For an update on the Parish Council's work on the Traffic issues in the Parish

Please click here 

 For  details on Oakhanger Traffic Survey please click here

 For the The Hamilton- Baillie report please click here

Village Design Statement (VDS)

The VDS for Selborne identifies the distinctive character of the village and its buildings in terms of size, shape, proportion, scale and materials.

It provides guidance for would-be developers on the local characteristics and qualities that residents value in the village and its surroundings. People applying for planning permission must show that they have complied with this guidance or risk being refused planning permission.

Please read the updated VDS on this website or email to John Liddle (JSL7@btinternet.com). Thank you.

 Please  note that it is a draft document which is out for consultation, and it has to go through due process before it can become part of the planning process.  

Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road

Click here for further details. 

Thames Water need your help to find privately owned sewage pumping stations

Thames Water is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations. The utility, which serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, will take responsibility for around 4,000 pumping stations in October 2016, but need to track down 1,800 currently 'off radar'. Further information can be found here.

If you think you can help, or need further information, please contact Thames Water at www.thameswater.co.uk/pumphunt

South Downs National Park Local Plan: Preferred Options Consultation

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) has published its South Downs Local Plan: Preferred Options consultation. Further information on the SDNPA Local Plan can be found on the SDNPA website by following this link

Update on Blackmoor telephone box conversion to Book Exchange

Selborne Parish Council has been successful in acquiring a grant for the refurbishment and conversion into a book exchange of the telephone box in Blackmoor. Work will start next week to repair the glazing, and then the telephone box will get a new lick of paint. Installation of new shelving will complete the conversion to a book exchange which we hope will be in operation in a few months. Photos will be added as the conversion takes place!

Home security during building work and refurbishment

Please click here for advice on securing your home during periods of building work or refurbishment from Hampshire Constabulary. 

Defibrillators installed at Village Halls in the parish

The Parish Council has purchased three automatic external defibrillators which have been installed at the village halls in the parish.  The machines are for use by the public in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The machines are easy to use and anyone regardless of training can use the defibrillators as the machines provide audio instructions. 

Ambulance First Responder Scheme

Two local residents have been successful in setting up a First Responder Scheme in Selborne, which also covers East Tisted, Newton Valence, Greatham, Liss, West and East Worldham and other surrounding areas as required. The team members have their own medical emergency kit bag containing oxygen, a defibrillator and other medical essentials. On receipt of an emergency call where a life threatening incident comes into the 999 system the ambulance control send the team in as the first response whilst the ambulance is on route. For more information please follow the link; 


The team would like to thank everyone that has helped raise money to start the scheme and buy the kit, but they will have on going costs so donations are still welcome. 

Please note that the team will only attend incidents as directed by 999 Ambulance control, so in the event of an emergency please call 999. 

Alton Neighbourhood Plan

Alton Town Council launched its Neighbourhood Plan on 1st February 2014. The plan looks at defining allocation plans for additional housing required under the EHDC Local Plan Joint Core Strategy and address issues including roads, schools and services etc. For further details please visit the Alton Town Council website.